EduMail offers you a Free VPN, to protect your location and surf the Internet safely without exposing your real ip.

We currently have only one servers available in the Netherlands, and hopefully in the future we will have servers in other countries for you.

How to use it?

You must first download OPENVPN CLIENT / OPENVPN CONNECT to the official page

Direct Link For Windows:

Direct Link For Linux:

Direct Link For macOS:

Once you have installed OpenVPN download our VPN and drop it into OpenVPN

Download Our Netherland VPN Here 🇳🇱

Password for VPN is: edumail


Access is 100% anonymous and no log is stored on the server.

Please do not abuse the VPN, use it for legal purposes only. If we receive a lot of abuse messages then we will be forced to shut down the server.


With Much Love

EduMail Team