Screencastify is more than a screencasting tool. You can now screencast, edit, quiz, see student analytics, get feedback, and more using Screencastify. In this post, I’ll share some of the new features in Screencastify and how I’ve used it in my classroom. Note that Screencastify has been one of my favorite formative assessment tools since 2018 when I wrote 10 Ways to Use Screencasting for Formative Assessment. As I review that article, all of the formative abilities from history to math and every subject are still there but now you have more making Screencastify an essential blended learning and flipped classroom tool that is easy and fast.

awesome new screencastify features

Screencastify has some awesome new editing features making it an even more important part of the flipped or online classroom. This post takes a dive into five new features of Screencastify every educator should know.

Screencastify sponsored this blog post. All opinions are my own.

1. Fast Screencasting and Editing on the Fly

Many years ago, I used Office Mix which was part of PowerPoint. When that tool went away, I’ve bounced between many of the different tools and apps out there. As Screencastify continues to add features, I find myself going back to Screencastify even more.

In the How to Start Coding in HTML (below) I used to kick off this basic coding language to my students, I used Screencastify. These videos were shot at different times but I was able to edit them together.


The screencast videos now have an “Open in Editor” button that let you edit, crop, cut, or even blur out backgrounds or add text. (This is in addition to the on-the-fly editing, drawing, and annotation tools you can use while recording.)

A picture of the new Screencastify with an open in editor button

Videos that you shoot in Screencastify now have an “open in editor” button that allows you to edit the screencasts. You can merge screencasts together, clip, crop, and more.

2. Record on Multiple Devices and Pull Video Together Quickly

Because we are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) I have students on PC, Mac, and Chromebook and now I’m able to record screencasts on each of them and easily stitch them together in my web browser.

Once a video is open in the editor, other videos can easily be added from Google Drive or uploaded to add into the video, so I can literally screencast from my Chromebook, PC, and Mac and pull them together into a quick video all using my web browser on each device!

In the new Screencastify Editing webcam video and screencasts together is easy.

In Screencastify, you can quickly and easily edit together webcam video and screencasts filmed on PC, Mac, or Chromebook into one video making video creation easy and fast no matter the tool.

3. Add Interactive Questions to the Final Video

Once the video is complete, I can export it to Screencastify, download the video, or put it on Youtube or even my Google Drive in Google Classroom. However, if I have the video inside Screencastify (which I can embed and link anywhere) it gives me analytics on who is viewing the video and I can also add questions into the video at various assessment points.

A picture of the Screencastify quiz question adding tool.

Inside the Screencastify platform, you can now add quick questions to assess for understanding when hosted on the Screencastify platform.

4. Multiple Methods of Sharing

The QR Code feature is still available but now when it is used and you share your video on Google Classroom, through Wakelet, email, or on Remind, it points to the video on the Screencastify site so you can ask questions and measure analytics.

You can still publish to Edpuzzle or have the embedded video point to your video on Google Drive, so those features remain available as well as exporting to YouTube.

5. Measurement of Video Watching and Use

Inside the video analytics dashboard inside Screencastify, you can see who is watching your videos and how they are engaged with the content. It gives you deeper information into how the videos you’re creating are performing.

Screencastify is Easy and Awesome!

I continue to have my students download Screencastify during the first week of school. It is also one of the first tools I teach teachers. It is a simple, fantastic tool that should be in every educator and learner toolkit. These new features make it an even more powerful way to teach and share videos in a time when we are continuing to need quick and easy ways to share our screens and create content.

For me, if I have a student out and they are not available on Zoom, I can quickly bring up Screencastify and record what we’re doing that day and send it to them as a video. Now I can know the video sare reaching their intended student and if they are meeting their needs.

What a fantastic tool!

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