Why use a temporary email address?

Nowadays your email address has become just as important as your phone number or your home address, and yet we provide it so freely to anyone that asks. Our emails leave us wide open to social engineering attacks. This allows nefarious users to impersonate our favorite websites or people that we might know in an attempt to have us visit a link or download infectious software. These attacks don’t just happen to our personal emails, they are commonplace in the workforce as well, where the financial implications can be dire.

The assumption that a lot of people make is that they are cautious on the web and are unlikely to fall for these attacks, unfortunately users need to be cognisant that they might not always be the target. With knowledge of your email address as well as one of your contacts could make your friends and family susceptible to attackers attempting to impersonate you through an email address that looks almost identical to yours. This might seem like a long shot, but ask yourself, when was the last time you actually verified the exact email address from a message? As most email clients display user information from an incoming message such as Josh Smith <[email protected]> (did you notice the extra “s” in “smiths”).

Anytime we hand over our email address we only need to simply ask ourselves: would we trust this website with our phone number or home address? By doing so we can easily remind ourselves of the risks which we are taking. An email address is part of your personal online identity, by sharing it freely you open yourself to targeted advertising while browsing as well as an onslaught of unwanted messages (not unlike giving our real home address).

With Another Temp Mail we try to help you stay that little bit safer online, while providing you a fast reliable service which supports an infinite number of temporary email addresses. All our mail is automatically deleted every 2 hours and we never log the contents of your messages. By using a temporary email address you not only make yourself safer but also everyone else around you.

This is our first article and in the future hope to discuss other topics surrounding online privacy as well as explanations on some of the most creative social engineering attacks that occur over email.

The method on EduMail has been developed to be as quick as possible in order to minimize your inconvenience. You will get a temporary email address as soon as you arrive on the site. If you don’t like it, you may remove or alter it. You may also choose to get more than one temporary email. You have no restrictions when it comes to the number of email addresses.

Furthermore, you can choose to not receive any further e-mails from certain websites that you intend to register using this method. As a result, your inbox is constantly empty. You don’t have to be concerned about keeping your inbox clean. This is something that the system performs on a regular basis.

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